Search Engine Optimisation

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You can lower your advertising spend and increase your lead acquisition by optimising your website for organic search traffic.

There are a number of ‘best practices’ that must be implemented on your website to make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and understand your website content.

First and foremost, your site must have good content for your target market. In addition though, by making you site more ‘readable’ for search engine robots, you stand a good chance of improving your rankings – and this improves the amount of relevant traffic visiting your site.

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It is first important to understand that you don’t rank an entire website for a relevant search term – you rank a page of that website. This is achieved by creating a relevant page, then optimising that page for a core search term, and then linking that page to other relevant content.

Our on page SEO optimisation includes:

  • Creating unique and relevant page titles
  • Creating unique title tags
  • Hand write relevant Meta Descriptions
  • Implement SEO friendly URL
  • Modify heading tags, anchor and alt image text
  • Restricting site crawling of dedicated PPC pages
  • Identify and remove bad/ outdated SEO practices
  • and more
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All Forms Of Advertising Available To You, Delivered In The Most Efficient And Effective Way

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Television Advertising

Television maintains dominance to deliver reach and brand

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Digital & Programmatic Media

Our strength is always being innovative in the approach

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Print Advertising

Print advertising is a great way to engage your customers with a broad reach

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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor/Out of Home media is what we do best across

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Direct Response Advertising

Masters in all forms of direct response conversion

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Radio Advertising

More Australians tuned into live and local commercial radio

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Social Media Advertising

We can help you wth the best strategies for Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter

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Search Marketing

Television maintains dominance to deliver reach and brand

Site Architecture is Important

Making your site easy to navigate for both humans and Search Engine Robots is important. Navigation from the home page to deeper pages needs to be logical and intuitive. The use of a sitemap, breadcrumbs, visual on page navigation and the ability to move forwards and backwards through the site with ease are standard practices we implement.

However, its worth noting that humans and robots do navigate differently, and for this reason, we ensure robots are provided with a special XML sitemap to help them too.​

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Optimise For Mobile – Be Responsive

Australia is a world leader for mobile device use. We are amongst the most prolific users of smart phones on the planet. For this reason, you must optimise your website to ensure the user experience is consistent across both mobile devices and desktop -and this requires a responsive site.

However, with a responsive site, you must ensure that your site navigation is not set up to confuse Googles two robots (Googlebot for desktop and Googlebot-mobile for mobile devices).

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Be A Great Source Of Relevant Content

Are you an expert in your niche? No matter what you do, you need to communicate your skills, experience and opinions about your trade or profession to your marketplace.

You Website should be the original source of all content you create. Think of your website as the hub of your communication wheel -and the spokes are platforms like social media, email marketing and traditional offline advertising too.

Good technical SEO becomes great when you add regular relevant content to your website. One of the best places for this is your blog, but this extents to the addition of new pages of content on your website too.​

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