Mobile Advertising - Implications for Marketers

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Mobile advertising is growing rapidly and becoming a very important part of every advertising campaign. The key insight to a successful mobile campaign is knowing WHEN & WHERE to capture this audience.

In the latest INMOBI* produced white paper, we had access to some specific insights on how to use mobile advertising more efficiently.


1. Dayparting – time of the day and week that your campaign runs – matters in terms of engagement.
2. Engagements are higher in the first half of the day and evenings. Weekends are better than early and mid-week.
3. Context drives engagement. Specific content types – Games and day. Entertainment – tend to drive higher engagement.

There is no doubt people are spending A LOT of time on their mobile devices, the question here is, are you trying to drive engagement? Awareness? Or pure performance? Once all these questions are answered; we as buyers need to find the CONTEXT in which your objectives will be achieved.

*White paper mobile insights:

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